One of the hardest questions for me to answer as a doula has always been “What if another client is in labor when I need you?” The answer itself is easy “I call my backup and they take over until I am available. I pay them, I coordinate, you don’t have to do anything.” But the questions that remains, floating there in the room, un said, “Will I be ok with someone else? Will I feel supported by, and safe with her?” is harder. Yes, you will be ok. But a backup doesn't seem as ok as the doula you carefully chose, and have gotten to know. 

After years of helping my clients navigate this, I have decided to take a new approach. I have restructured my doula practice so that I only have one client at a time. When you hire me, you are my only client. 

Service includes, In brief: 

  • Two prenatal visits in your home, one postpartum visit
  • Four 90 minute prenatal/postpartum massages
  • Mini two hour Spinning Babies Parent Class
  • Biweekly phone or video check in.
  • Unlimited email and text message contact.
  • Fetal positioning session in the event of a breech baby.*
  • Attendance at your birth and immediately postpartum.
  • Your very own doula. No sharing. I’m on call for you, and only you.

Cost: $4950

Service includes, In detail: 


  • Two 2 hour prenatal visits in your home
    • Understanding the birth process
    • Mindfulness techniques for use in birth
    • What to expect during birth at a hospital
    • Birth plan discussion/writing/editing
    • Postpartum preparation
    • How to get enough sleep with a new baby in the house
    • Breastfeeding preparation- what does breastfeeding look like in your home?
  • Three 90 minute in home prenatal massages
    • I bring table, sheets, pillows, oils
    • You relax
    • Schedule two hours to allow for assessment, set up, clean up 
    • Third massage is scheduled for the end of pregnancy and may include techniques for labor activation if needed
  • Mini Spinning Babies Parent Class in your home
    • Exercises to promote optimal fetal positioning based on Spinning Babies 
    • Plan for utilizing material between visits
    • Can be done any time from 22 weeks on
  • Phone or video check in every two weeks or as needed
    • Discuss challenges
    • What to expect at coming provider visits 
  • Unlimited email and text support 
  • In case of breech presentation
    • Visit to assist with exercises and positions to make room for baby to turn head down 
    • Referrals to appropriate providers to assist this process
    • Attendance at external cephalic version (doctor turns baby) if needed


  • Attendance at your birth and during the early postpartum period. 
    • I join you when you are ready for support
    • Physical, emotional and educational support during your birth
    • Massage
    • Essential oil blend for labor, if you choose. Can be customized.
    • If support goes over 10 hours I call a trusted backup doula to fill in while I take a nap for 3-4 hours. We overlap so that you have time to get comfortable with the other doula. You always have a doula who is rested and ready to support you. If something big happens and you want me there, I'm close by and I come right back.
    • I stay 45 - 90 minutes after baby is born to support first breastfeeding, parent’s transition


  • Home visit after the birth, usually one second or third day
    • Check on new family
    • Troubleshoot any breastfeeding issues
    • Talk about the birth if you choose
    • Referrals to other providers as needed
  • One Postpartum massage in your home- 90 minutes 
  • Phone/Video/Email/Text support for first 8 weeks postpartum


The Process

Call or email to check availability and schedule a 45 minute interview. I only take one client at a time, so my availability is limited. I would recommend that you call as soon as you decide you want a doula. That said, if you are late in your pregnancy as you read this, I sometimes do have last minute openings if clients birth before their due dates. I am also happy to provide referrals for doulas I know who may have openings. 

If we decide to work together we sign a contract. Payment is due at the time of signing.

We will schedule Mini Spinning Babies Parent class at 22 weeks or asap, and prenatal visits at approximately 32 and 36 weeks. Massages are scheduled according to your preference. They may be scheduled on the same day as a prenatal visit if you choose. We can adjust this as needed if you hire me after 32 weeks. 

I will be on call to attend your birth from the time you hire me. I join you in labor, often beginning at your house and moving with you to your birth center or hospital, depending on circumstances. I stay with you until after the baby is born.  After the baby is born I will help you to get your newborn on the breast and stay with you until you are stable and comfortable and ready for me to leave. 

After the birth I am still available by phone, text or email anytime if you have breastfeeding or other questions or need referrals. On the second or third day after the birth I will come to your house for a postpartum follow-up visit. This meeting is to close out our cycle, process your birth, if you desire, and check-in on breastfeeding (within my scope of practice). 

I am on call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

I prefer payment by check, but also take major credit card or PayPal to 

*Breech baby session and attendance at external cephalic version are provided if needed. If they are not needed, these are not exchanged for other services. I include them to avoid putting my client in the position of having to decide whether to spend more money late in pregnancy. Most clients won’t need them. 

Q: What if I have my baby early and haven’t had all of my massages or prenatal sessions?

A: Unused prenatal sessions can be converted into postpartum visits or a day time shift with a postpartum doula in my network. Unused prenatal massage can be used postpartum.  

Q: What if I have a scheduled cesarean? 

A: I meet you before, at home or when you arrive at the hospital and support you through pre-op and waiting with massage and relaxation techniques. If possible, I attend the cesarean and support you through it. I join you in post-op, and depending on circumstances may see you to your postpartum room.