After five years as a full time birth doula I have transitioned to massage therapy. While many of the manual techniques were new, the deeper skills and instincts for interacting with, and supporting another person, in the moment, are the same. My birth clients have always talked about the calm, grounded support I provide, and my massage clients say the same thing.

As a doula I became fascinated with fetal position in pregnancy and birth, and the ways physiology, environment and stress can impact it. This lead me to Spinning Babies, Down to Earth Birth and Birthing from Within. I eventually became a Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner and Spinning Babies Parent Educator, and my doula practice was changed by what I learned. My clients were more comfortable in pregnancy and slept well up to the end. More of their births were straightforward, and when they weren’t I often had a tool that would get things on track.

Massage training deepened my understanding of anatomy and gave me many new tools. I combine some new tools, including myofascial therapy, burn scar massage and sports massage techniques, with those I already had to provide balancing, comforting massage for pregnant and postpartum people, and everyone else.

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