I will assist you in formulating a birth plan such as the one below if you choose. The birth plan preferences listed are just a sample of some of the more common desires women have for their births. These do not have to be your desires, please modify the birth plan as is appropriate for you. I find that the easiest way for me to give feedback on a birth plan is with Google docs. You can share a doc with me at

What I most like about this birth plan is how organized, short and to the point it is. It is not necessary to list such things as "No bright lights, dim lights only" - such a request is easy enough to accomplish.

Note how positively this birth plan is phrased. It is not necessary to use words such as; no, don't or never. With respect and creativity we will be able to relay your wishes to all involved.

Birth plan for ______________________

Introduce yourself and your birth team:

We would like:



See my Links page for more information on the options mentioned here.

Key Questions for when a medical procedure or treatment is suggested:

**These do not need to be included in your birth plan**