90-120 minutes

  • You are in your second or third trimester and want to make sure your baby has room to find the best position for birth.
  • You are in your second or third trimester and want to be more comfortable, have fewer aches and pains and want to be able to get a full night's sleep.
  • You are past your due date and want to help your baby engage in the pelvis.
  • You are approaching an induction date and want to give your body every opportunity to go into labor naturally or, failing that, you want your baby in the best possible position for labor.

We will explore your posture and your baby’s position, and I will teach you and activities moves, from Spinning Babies and Down to Earth Birth that will help you make room for your baby to be in the best position now and when you go into labor. The activities may also make you more comfortable during your pregnancy. We will practice everything in together and you will be ready to continue to practice at home.

Sessions are 90 minutes to 2 hours long and take place at your home, or my studio in Temescal.

Bay Area: within 30 minutes of Alameda, CA sliding scale $150 - $300
Outside of the Bay: over 30 minutes from Alameda, CA $250 + $25/hr for drive time after the first hour + mileage

Payments accepted by check, paypal to zoey@alamedadoula.com or on my payments page.

Please email or call me for information or to schedule a Make Room for Baby session.


"Thanks again for an enlightening session. I walked around all day feeling like my back was straighter, and it was easier to hold a good posture, so I'm a believer now.  :)" -Sue Nee Tan