90-120 minutes

  • Your baby is breech and you want to do whatever you can to help baby turn head down

We will explore your posture and your baby’s position, and I will teach you and your partner activities and moves, from Spinning Babies and Down to Earth Birth that will help you make room for your baby to turn vertex (head down). The activities may also make you more comfortable during your pregnancy. We will practice everything in together, and you will be ready to continue to practice at home. We will make a plan for your continuing practice in the near term to help your baby turn, and for the remainder of your pregnancy to ensure that baby stays head down and your pregnancy is comfortable.

If your baby doesn't turn and you have your doctor attempt a cephalic version (she manually turns the baby) I attend the version with you as your doula if you choose. If you prefer we can have a phone consultation the day before to prepare you. We prepare your body for the version with some releases so that your pelvis is balanced and ready to allow the baby to turn.

Sessions are 90 minutes to 2 hours long and take place at your home, or my studio in Temescal. After the appointment I am available by phone, text or email for resources and clarification if needed.

Bay Area: within 30 minutes of Alameda, CA sliding scale $100 - $250
Outside of the Bay: over 30 minutes from Alameda, CA $250 + $25/hr for drive time after the first hour + mileage

Payments accepted by check, paypal to zoey@alamedadoula.com or on my payments page.

Please email or call me for information or to schedule a Make Room for Baby session.