Placenta Encapsulation

I was raised in the Sierra Nevada Foothills and natural birth was a very normal part of the life surrounding me; the women choosing their midwives and their birth plans, nursing their children and finding ways to nurture themselves after their birth were some of my best role models. I am a mother of two wonderful, home-birthed children whom I have homeschooled off and on for the last six years here in the East Bay.

When my daughter was younger, I led a weekly new mothers’s support circle with a group in Sacramento called Mother’s Support Network, a grassroots and mother organized association. It was there that I saw how important a woman’s self care is in order to experience the gift of being a mother.  Mothering the mother became an important concept to me while I was a new mother and it is with the idea of helping mothers recover wholly from their birth and get the care they need that I am happy and honored to offer my placenta encapsulation services.

The wonderful nature of the placenta was not on my radar during my first pregnancy; it wasn’t until I birthed the placenta and the midwives showed me how it resembled a  beautiful tree that I appreciated this amazing organ that we make during pregnancy. Burying the placenta in the yard under a jasmine bush was the way we honored the gift of our first birth.

During my second pregnancy, all my prenatal visits were attended by my inquisitive and verbal four year old daughter. As I explained what a placenta was to her, I began to appreciate all that the organ does to keep our pregnancies sustainable. My daughter’s many adorable drawings of a mama with a baby in her tummy always included a little crayoned-in placenta attached to the cord. This time around, my midwives offered placenta encapsulation and said it might help with the baby blues that I had experienced so harshly after my first birth, so I was open to trying it.

For me, the difference in how I felt taking my placenta was very noticeable--not only did I feel less down as my milk came in, but I felt less shaky and tired as my body recovered from the quick but intense birth with my son. Although it’s never easy, I had a lot more energy and felt able to take on the challenge of mothering two small children. I felt a big difference between the postpartum experience of the first and second births that I feel is attributable to taking my placenta capsules.

Zoey and I are “family”. She is married to my closest cousin and we have known each other for almost twenty years. I was lucky to be Zoey’s birth attendant and she has been a big support to my family. We are happy to create a way to support birthing women together.

Placenta Encapsulation for Zoey’s Birth Doula Clients

Zoey and I will work closely together to make sure your placenta is handled carefully and returned to you in a timely matter. Turn-around time will be within three days of delivery. Very often we will get your capsules to you by the next day, depending on the time of day you deliver your baby.

I have learned how to encapsulate the placenta in a sterile and respectful way from Felicia Roche, an East Bay doula and birth educator with many years experience. I process and encapsulate your placenta using sterile equipment that is only used for this procedure, using standard food safety procedures.

This is the basic timeline for placenta encapsulation services:
Meet with Zoey for doula services. At this point, you can sign the contract for placenta encapsulation and pay-in-full ($250.) or pay a deposit and pay remainder before birth. If you need time to think about it or wish to speak with me personally, Zoey will put us in touch with each other, or you can contact me directly.

At the time of delivery, Zoey, as your doula, will take your placenta with her when she leaves the hospital and deliver it to me.

I will then process your placenta in a timely manner and Zoey or I will return it to you with instructions for use.

Placenta Encapsulation without Doula Services

I am available to encapsulate placentas without doula services. In this case I will come to the hospital to get your placenta after your birth and return the capsules to you when they are ready, either at the hospital or your home. Please contact me directly in this case.

Choosing placenta encapsulation is just another way that you can work with your body and your hormones to create the optimum birth experience that is your birthright as a woman. Please let us know if you are interested.

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