Alameda Bodywork Doula 1

The mother’s partner/spouse plays an essential role in providing support for the mother. I am at the birth to support the partner/spouse, not to replace them. Ideally, I augment the partner/spouse’s support. By simply modeling how to support a laboring woman, I guide a partner/spouse into supporting their loved one with confidence.

The partner/spouse brings something that no one else does, the intimate connection that no birthing professional can provide. I know when to step back and allow the couple to have the intimacy they need during labor and birth.

I am happy to work with other family members as well. It is not uncommon to have mothers, fathers, grandmothers, sisters and close friends in the laboring room. We can make room for, and honor, anyone you choose to invite. It’s important that you feel you have the team that is best for you.